66Khz Productions 2010 – 2013 (Back Catalog Pre-66Khz Records)

in 66Khz Productions Record Label on April 6, 2022

We thought it would be a good idea to mark the buildup to the rebranding of the 66Khz Productions record label to 66Khz Records with a full playlist of all our wonderful artists from the earlier years of the label as we have been pestered to death to get the music on to playlists. Sorry, it took so long everyone!

Well, this is the entire back catalogue of the 66Khz Productions label prior to re-branding, all 172 tracks!! Listed as latest at the top so as you play through from top to bottom one can journey back in time.

If there is a version missing let us know via the contact form here! Keep an eye on our socials to hear what’s happening next with the label.

As mentioned in a previous post the record label will be called 66Khz Records! There will be some top new acts and we hope some of the original pioneers on the label will re-join us again as we bring back the underground sound to the digital realm!

If there is enough demand we will look at re-mastering and remixing some of the back catalogues to bring them up to date and more modern!

Finally, there will likely be some rare limited editions pressed on vinyl for all you collectors and DJs out there.

Enjoy Team 66Khz!

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