July 7, 2017
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A handy list of Music Downloader apps and streaming music services

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There are many music services out there some paid some free or a mix of both, I have tried to filter this list down to the ones I feel are the best and that allow you to consume music legally.

I write music myself I can assure you it can take a lot of time and effort to write good tracks, so not ripping artists off is a good thing when you like their music. That being said some artists will give some of their music away freely.

So time to dive in and see whats on offer:


Soundcloud is a service with a blend of independent and professional artists showcasing their talents, via download and streaming. Downloads are free or paid. You will find all sorts of genres and plenty of invented styles. You can even comment on specific parts of a musical piece or podcast as it plays back. If you are an artist yourself, you can of course sign up and submit your music to the masses.





The service is easy to navigate with options to filter by genre etc. You can filter by whats trending, most recent additions and so on. They have audio books as well as an attached book store if you want to listen and read simultaneously.

With Noisetrade you will need to enter your zip/post code and email address for any album you want to download in full.

There is a lot of free music made available and they are legal mp3s to download, the artists want you to help promote them by downloading their music.





Beatport is a paid service primarily aimed at DJ’s, clubbers and dance music enthusiasts. It’s one of the number one spots online for dance music. Their charts are a useful starting point, however doing some real virtual crate digging as I call it to find some great music is easily done on the slick user interface.

Artists and DJ’s also offer their personal charts which can be interesting to listen through, as well as filtering options of top 100 tracks in each genre makes for a good alternative of finding new tunes.





Last.fm is a UK based service, that allows you to listen to music in full length, while also suggesting other similar tracks that you may  be interested in hearing.

To get the best out of the platform you can sign up and afterwards the service generates playlists made up from other users reviews, its a different way of finding new music you might like. In addition it has plenty of free music that you can check out.


Boiler Room



This one is a bit different as it has live and re-looped broadcasts from underground clubs & events. The have channels that cover:

Grime, UK garage & worldly club sounds

House & techno beamed via Berlin and beyond

Rap, trap and soulful rhythms

Live bands through to the distinctly weird and wonderful

Most of the shows are very entertaining and some are of well known artists but also a selection of up and coming acts helping them to get a voice too.


I will be adding more to this list overtime, if you found this useful smash the like button and share please! Also feel free to suggest service that you think are great.



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