March 14, 2018
Futuristic Sound Effects / Royalty Free Sounds & Effects

Royalty Free Sounds & Effects – Futuristic Sounds 1


A water mark free sound file can be bought/licensed for the pack can be bought on from our Audiojungle portfolio here or by clicking the BUY link on the preview file:

A selection of futuristic / sci-fi royalty free sound effects from robot noises to drones, whooshes and even arcade sounding lasers. This is a first in a series from 66Khz, use them in your projects like video intros, games and movies, and so on. If you need any custom sound design similar to what you hear from 66khz just drop us a message and we will be glad to help. Enjoy this pack!

All files are in 44.1 kHz 16-Bit stereo .WAV files

Total duration of Sounds: 00:59

Name Duration

1. Angry Robot Talk 00:14
2. Bad Radio Frequency 00:12
3. Bounced Particle 00:01
4. Bouncy robot sweep 00:02
5. Distant laser Beam 00:01
6. Drone Wooshes 00:01
7. Filtered Sweeping whoosh 00:04 8
. Laser Sweeps 00:04
9. Odd Drone 00:03
10. Passing Machine 00:10
11. Scapping Swoosh 00:03
12. Slapstab Drone 00:01
13. Space Bubblez 00:01
14. Space Record Scratch 00:01
15. Space Toms Drone 00:01

Total Duration 00:59



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