March 26, 2018
Digital Synthesizers / Keyboard / Korg / Under £500 / Vintage

Korg Microkorg

The Korg Microkorg is a very deceptive looking synthesizer. Why? Well it shares the same architecture design as the Korg MS2000 but wrapped up in a highly portable unit that omits most of the hands-on controls, it can even be ran on batteries like the Roland Boutique series of today the Microkorg should not be under estimated in its capabilities.

The control knobs feel solid, it has a thirty-seven-note keyboard, hosed in plastic casing and wood end cheeks, all round the unit feels it could take a bashing and survive if you are planning to take it out with you.

There is plenty of information on the surface that can help to get you going without reading the manual. The five knobs to the top right-hand side can be assigned to other parameters by default they are set to: cutoff filter, envelope attack, release and resonance.

When purchased brand new you get a mic with the unit for the vocoder, (to be honest this mic is trash).

So, what exactly do you get for your money? Well just like the MS2000, MS2000R and MS2000B synths by Korg it still is only a 4-voice analogue modelling synthesizer. One program can be played at a time, it has two oscillators with sixty-four DWGS waveforms and seven regular ones in the form of: sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse wave, noise, cross-wave, vocoder and you can process external audio. The vocoder is an eight band one, the cutoff filter is a resonant 12/dB or 24/dB, there are two attacks, decay, sustain and release envelopes. There are several effects on board as well nothing spectacular, but they do the job. Everything that can be edited sound wise can be controlled via midi.


It should be noted there is no USB port on the unit. This synth is a great introduction to synthesis and some nice sounds can be gleaned from the unit. It’ s a cool synth to noodle about on and get some rough sketches going, but for the money you can’t go far wrong.






Year Produced


Keyboard/Number of keys

37 note mini keybed with velocity

Sound Generation

Analog Modelling synthesis

Maximum Polyphony

4 voices


Can store up to 128 different TONES




Cutoff, Resonance, Low pass, Band pass and High Pass filters


Two Low frequency oscillators with sample and hold.




Chorus, Vocoder, flanger, ensemble, stereo, cross, Left and right delays and a two band EQ


Six pattern arpeggiator

Common Faults

Check battery fault


Controllable by MIDI, supporting standard in and out plus a midi through option








Download Microkorg User Manual pdf

Download Microkorg Schematics pdf


66Khz studios.



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