March 9, 2018
Digital Synthesizers / Rack Mount / Under £500 / Vintage / Waldorf

Waldorf Micro Q Digital Rack Mount Synthesizer

The Waldorf Micro Q is a special 2U rack mount synthesizer and it sounds great, the amount of parameters are fantastic allowing you to get some truly great sounds from the unit. There is no sequencer on board but it does have a wonderful arpeggiator, and even a randomise patch option that trust me from experience be careful with the volume, it does throw up some very unique sounds, and some musically usable ones too.

It has two filters, high-pass, low pass, band pass, comb and notch filters and the sound great along side the self oscillating filters, it even has its own on board effects listed below.


Produced in 1999 it is capable of all kinds of analog and digital sounds from cold and harsh to lush sounding analog pads, to digital house and techno leads and basslines, even 303 squelchy ones!

If anyone needs it I will be uploading to this page a .NKS file that maps every single MIDI parameter of the Micro Q to your Native Instruments Komplete keyboard for free!!! Drop a comment and share the post below and I will send you the file via e-mail!

For under £500 UK Sterling that’s a lot of synthesizer for your hard earned cash! I picked up my Waldorf Q rack on ebay for £340 UK Sterling incl shipping 😀




Even though its not analog it does produce solid vintage analog, dance and tranc music sounds, whilst saving space. There is a Micro Q 37 note  keyboard version if you prefer some extra buttons, pitch bend and mod wheel action.






Year Produced


Keyboard/Number of keys

None rackmount unit, Although there is a keyboard version too.

Sound Generation

Virtual analog synthesis

Maximum Polyphony

25 voices, but expandable to an extreme 75 voices


Can store up to 300 different TONES/patches, and up to 100 multiple combinations of the tones and 20 drum patches/maps


5 oscillators per voice (Pulse with Pulse Width Modulation, Sawtooth, Triangle, Sine, 2 wavetables with 128 waves each and sub-oscillator per alt-wave); Noise generator


2 Filters (including FM and distortion): Low Pass (12dB/24dB), Band Pass (12dB/24dB), High Pass (12dB/24dB), Notch (12dB/24dB), Comb Filter (positive/negative feedback), Cutoff, Resonance




4 envelopes, enhanced ADSR configuration with loop and one shot function, bipolar; different trigger modes for each envelope, poly, mono, dual, unison, manual trigger etc.


Two effects per program, up to 5 effects in Multimode (Effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Distortion, Delay and Vocoder)



Common Faults




Here are some sounds made from the randomize feature of the Micro Q (Clicking to listen here will open a new window)




Waldorf Micro Q User Manual

Please get in touch if you have the Schematics so we can share them here thank you !


66Khz studios.



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