Korg M1

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Korg M1

Image Attribution: Deepsonic

This video above contains the indistinguishable sound of the Korg M1 synthesizer using the Korg Gadget Legacy Collection Plugin. (Skip to 1.19 to hear it clearly).

    • Dte Produced – 1988
    • Keyboard – 61 Keys
    • Sound Generation / Synthesis type – Digital synthesis
    • Maximum Polyphony – 16 voices
    • Program / Storage – Can store up to 100
    • Oscillators – 4MB PCM wave-forms that comprised of 144 multi sampled sounds
      in total
    • Voice Modes – 
    • Filter(s) – Cutoff, Variable Digital Low-pass Filter, velocity sensitive and non-resonant
    • LFO(s) –
    • VCA / Envelope(s) – Plenty of sound shaping it can create some awesome soundscapes using it’s VDA: Variable Digital Amplifier; 3 independent 4-stage ADSR envelope generators
    • Effects – Digital multi-effects: reverb, delay, overdrive, EQ, chorus, rotary speaker, please see the manual that you can download below for a full list.
    • Connectors –
    • Dimensions (W x D x H)
    • Weight –

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None as yet – see manuals tab for schematics and er user manuals 🙂

The Korg M1 is a digital workstation keyboard that has featured on so many hit records, they were mass-produced and are probably, the best-selling keyboard that Korg has produced to date. It has a 61-note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch plus multi-layer and split modes.

It is capable of re-creating “real” instruments as well as synthesised sounds with good results; it has 4MB of sampled PCMs and synthesised waveforms on board. It’s a unique sounding instrument that has been recreated quite well as a VST software plugin, also released by Korg initially as part of their legacy collection that also included: Korg Wavestation, MS-20, Polysix, Arp Odyssey and the Korg Monopoly!

The workstation like features include patterns up to 100, an eight-track sequencer, ten full songs, and it has a load of onboard effects that sound good! It has been used by some top acts like 808 State, Pet Shop Boys, Gary Numan etc.

You can also get a rackmount version called the M1R by Korg if you are tight on space, and need the extra sounds that are doubled to 8 Megabytes worth, I know these days with things like the Komplete collection we are talking hundreds of gigabytes these days, but hey, these were state of the art in the late ’80s and 90’s for music!


If you can repair them they are super cheap and if not, no matter they are still cheap on the second-hand market, but they are rather large and heavy, so expect to pay a lot in shipping costs if you can’t collect!

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