Korg MS2000/B

in 66Khz Studio Kit on September 5, 2020
Korg MS2000 Schematic & Manual Page


This is a well known Virtual Analog Synthesiser, used by the likes of the Prodigy. It’s quite a decent looking synth with most of the controls on the surface; it’s is slightly let down by the four notes of polyphony and wobbly knobs, having said that it can re-produce analogue sounds very well indeed.

Korg’s vision with this was supposed to be like the legendary MS series but without wire running about, so probably aimed more at the consumer market than anything else. It does, however, have a virtual patch mode, so you can do pretty much just like you could on the older Korg MS models such as the MS10 & MS20’s.

It has two oscillators that can generate sound from eight different waveforms and noise can be added too. The waveforms are Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Pulse Width, Voice, and a selection of DWGS waves. You have two LFO’s to modulate the sound further, and a high pass and bandpass 12/dB filter and a low pass allowing you to set to either 12/dB or 24/dB with resonance and an ADSR envelope.

There is a vocoder on the Korg MS2000 B version. The synth is quite bulky, and if you are short of space but have a spare 4U in your 19” rack, then there is also a rack-mount version of the MS2000 called the MS2000R.




It’s a well-designed synth with tweaking and sound design in mind, for a VA synth we would have expected more polyphony, but the virtual routing is a lovely trick up its sleeve. I like the synth. A fun addition to any electronic music setup!

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