Korg Prophecy

in 66Khz Studio Kit on September 10, 2020

The Korg Prophecy is a monophonic digital synthesizer used by many well-known electronic music acts including the Orb, The Prodigy, Orbital, 808 State and Depeche Mode. It uses physical modelling to mimic analogue synthesis.

Don’t be fooled because it’s monophonic, in all honesty, we would have loved to have had at least four notes of polyphony, but with samplers and DAW’s you can always record you favourite sounds to audio and play them back, but in doing so you would miss out on the fun wheel and ribbon controller combo, and two wheels that can be assigned to control specific effects of which there are six onboard.

It was designed to produce analogue-sounding timbres; it can make sounds like FM synthesizers can (Frequency Modulation synthesis). You also have a few knobs to play around with changing the filter cutoff, resonance, envelopes (ADSR) and an arpeggiator. You have 4 LFO’s included for some genuinely magical sounds!

Synthesizer Repair

They can still be had for cheap; I bought mine broken for £70 UK Sterling. We do all synthesizer diagnostics and repair in-house, so it was a bargain as it now fully works, and I love it, a unique synthesizer that I am keeping for sure!



Excellent for sound effects and alternative sounds, it also does analogue/physical modelling well, and for the price of around £200 UK sterling you can do much worse!

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