Siel MK 900

in 66Khz Studio Kit on September 10, 2020

The Siel MK-900 analogue synthesizer is a preset synth complete with analogue drums! It lacks controls for sound design it has CEM 3350 VCF chips in it. It does have full midi support; it has an arpeggio, it’s not a sound designer’s dream, but it is analogue and probably overlooked due to its lack of features. The keyboard can be split into two sections, one that can be sequenced for drums and the other be played as well, err, a keyboard 😊

I doubt you will be writing hits on this unit, but for stock or library music, or sampling for further editing on a DAW it may be of use to you. The other option using just the unit itself as it is polyphonic would be to layer two preset sounds and see if that beefs things up a bit.

We do have one in the studio in excellent condition as well as the Siel DK600 and the Xpander. All are in boxes. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. It will be the perfect excuse to pull them out and play them!



An intro synth may be worth sampling and selling on needs more investigation as it could also be used for parts to restore more flexible synths such as the Siel DK600.

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